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Happy Halloween: Now Serving Brains! (a.k.a. an SfN 2015 Recap)

October 30, 2015

Posted by Andrea Vuturo

On the eve of Halloween, as all the zombies prepare to come out to play, what better time to dig into brains? Last week in Chicago, one of our home cities, the Life Science Network was able to take in all the developments at the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) annual meeting. Representing a relatively new field in comparison to other segments of the life science community, the conference drew nearly 30,000 brain enthusiasts to the Windy City.

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Animal Biotechnology (Part 2 of 2): Advances in the Veterinary Space

October 8, 2015

Contributed by Chempetitive Group

As we learned in part one of this series, the field of animal biotechnology consists of two main arms of research. Our focus today is the veterinary side.

Unlike the agricultural side of animal biotech, there are not as many controversial issues regarding the veterinary side. Most Americans support the different ways science can improve the wellbeing of their pets, help curb infections in animal species, and control stray dog and cat populations. These collective goals have allowed the field to progress in amazing ways.

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Animal Biotechnology (Part 1 of 2): The Business of Bovine

October 5, 2015

Contributed by Chempetitive Group

Human drug developers are household names, but what about animal biotechnology – where does that fit in? We know it’s a science discipline, but the commercial side is often overlooked as we focus on breakthroughs affecting humans. The truth is, animal biotechnology is incredibly important for our planet and for our people, as the world’s population continues to grow and potential space for farming decreases.

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Conference Preview: The Festival of Genomics, California

September 19, 2015

By Erik Clausen

If you’re looking to take your research into the clinic, stay ahead of the trends, and collaborate with the very best in the field – come and get it done in California. Leave with the answers and network you need to help take your work further, through three days of workshops, presentations, open and structured discussions and more at The Festival of Genomics, California taking place in San Mateo, November 3-5, 2015.

Interested in genome editing? Who better to hear from than CRISPR pioneer, Jennifer Doudna? Or maybe you want to hear how AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Janssen, Merck, Pfizer, and Editas are applying the technology?

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ON Helix 2015: Overcoming Innovation Gaps in Translational Research by Minimising Risk

August 7, 2015

By Neha Karl on Assignment at ON Helix 2015

Translational research continues to be a rapidly growing sector, but how do we overcome the barriers and risks in making the shift towards individualised treatment in the UK? This was the big question that this year’s ON Helix conference set out to explore, and as a partner of the organising committee, One Nucleus, we were given the opportunity to partake in the thought-provoking event last week.

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One Giant Leap Too Far: Why CRISPR is in the News

July 24, 2015

By Juliet Preston

The title reads: “Easy DNA Editing Will Remake the World. Buckle Up.”

From the outset this article in July’s Wired magazine was in sensationalist territory. Nothing in science is ever easy. No one “breakthrough” can ever remake our complex biological world.

Many publications regularly over-step with scientific claims, but this particular story on CRISPR technology has triggered a tidal wave of criticism.

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Highlights from the Inaugural Festival of Genomics

June 25, 2015

Festival of Genomics

By Joseph O'Brien and Rachel Wallace on Assignment at Festival of Genomics

New to the life science publishing scene, Front Line Genomics has hit the gates running with their inaugural Festival of Genomics - a meeting designed to celebrate recent accomplishments in the genomics field. The meeting, which took place in Boston this week, brought together more than 1,000 attendees to collaborate and network in a more festive atmosphere than your typical scientific conference. more …

BIO 2015: Innovation and Collaboration Driving Industry Growth

June 22, 2015

BIO 2015

By Joseph O'Brien and Rachel Wallace on Assignment at BIO 2015

We had the opportunity to attend the biotech industry’s biggest show of the year - BIO 2015 - where two major themes of this year’s meeting were innovation and collaboration. As such, BIO actually announced that is was changing its name from the Biotechnology Industry Organization to the Biotechnology Innovation Organization to emphasize its contribution to scientific innovation.

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BIO 2015 Preview: Spain Joins Biotech Ranks

May 29, 2015

By Rachel Wallace

The global pharmaceutical and biotech industries are set to enjoy a sustained period of growth led by dramatically improved R&D productivity. According to the “World Preview 2014, Outlook to 2020” report from life science market intelligence firm, Evaluate Ltd., the worldwide pharmaceutical research and development costs are projected to grow by 2.4 percent per year to $162 billion in 2020.

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The Most Bizarre Scientific Paper Ever Published

April 29, 2015

By Juliet Preston

Anyone who works with science on a daily basis knows that it can sometimes be totally and utterly bizarre. One recently published scientific paper falls into that category, and perhaps raises the bar for absurdity. The study does have some educational benefits, and it proves a good point. Beyond that, however, it makes for a hearty laugh.

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